Frequently Asked Questions

The Studio

Where is the studio located?

The studio’s street address is 3175-3177 Kensington Road, Cleveland Heights. The studio is west of the Kensington Pub.

Where is parking for the studio?

Free street parking is available on Kensington Road and other nearby streets. Metered parking is available on Lee Road and at the Cedar Lee Parking Garage (2215 Lee Road); the garage can also be accessed via Tullamore Road. Do not park behind the building (that area is for employees only).

Does the co-op have potters’ wheels?

Yes. The co-op has nine electric wheels (eight Brent B and C and one Shimpo RK-2) and one Klopfenstein treadle wheel.

Is there space for hand-building?

Yes. The studio has a 3 ½ foot by 7 foot table covered in canvas

Does the co-op have kilns?

Yes. The studio has four electric kilns: two 7 ½ cubic foot Olympic kilns with kiln-sitters, one 3 ½ cubic foot Paragon with digital control, and one custom 15 cubic foot kiln (with thermocouple-controlled shutoff). The final kiln was custom-built in the 1970s and is only used for glaze-firing. We glaze fire to about cone 7-9 (2350 F).

What clay is used at the studio?

The co-op uses Standard Ceramics’ #153 Stoneware.

What glazes are available at the studio?

The co-op has a limited selection of glazes: clear, bright white, matte white, rutile blue, rutile green, matte purple, iron chromate brown, black, and turquoise. A selection of underglazes and slips are also available for students to use as well.

Course Offerings

How often does the co-op offer classes?

The co-op offers quarterly classes. Typically, winter classes begin in late January, spring classes begin in early April, summer classes begin in late June, and fall classes begin in mid-September. When possible, the schedule will be posted on the Facebook page.

What classes does the co-op offer?

Typically, each quarter, the co-op offers two sessions of adult night classes (7:00 to 9:30pm) on Mondays and Thursdays and Saturday mornings (10:00am to 12:00pm).

What skill level are the classes intended for?

The adult and children’s classes are both intended for beginners and mid-level students. Students work at their own level and at projects of instruction to them. Teacher instruction is individualized.

Does the co-op offer open studio sessions?

Yes! We have open studio on Tuesday nights (7:00 to 9:30pm) for adults who can work independently.

Does the co-op offer tutoring?

Typically, co-op members can schedule individualized tutoring sessions on an ad hoc basis.

Do I need to buy tools for a class that I register for?

No. The co-op stocks the studio with common pottery tools, including hand-building tools. Aprons are also available to use at the studio.

Can I schedule private classes for a group of friends/co-workers?

At this time, we are unable to accomdate group parties for classes.


Does the co-op fire others’ pieces? Can kiln-space be rented?


Can the studio be rented? Can I host a birthday party, bachelorette party, etc. at the studio?

No, at this time we are unable to accomodate private parties.

Can the co-op appraise a piece of pottery for me?

No. We are an educational co-op.


Do co-op members sell pieces?

Some co-op members make pieces that they then sell.

Can I buy a piece in the storefront windows?

Probably. Most pieces on display are for sale. Contact the co-op for more information.

Can the co-op create custom pieces?

Perhaps. In the past, customers have commissioned pieces from individual co-op members. Contact the co-op for additional information.

When does the studio open for sales?

Every December, the studio is open a couple weekends for open houses and holiday sales. The studio is also open for certain events in the Cedar-Lee District (e.g., the Music Hop in September).

Does the co-op sell clay, glaze, or other pottery supplies?

No. The co-op orders supplies from Buckeye Ceramic Supply in Hilliard, Ohio.

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